Parameters of PVG integral core flame retardant tape

  • Release time: 2023-06-05

PVG flame retardant conveyor belt adopts the whole core as the skeleton material, impregnated, coated with PVG material with good anti-static and flame retardant properties, and then plasticized. Here is a look at the parameters of PVG integral flame retardant tape with core.

Parameters of PVG integral flame retardant tape with core:

Product implementation standard MT914-2002 BS3289 HG2805 selection safety factor 10 (breaking strength *1/10, transport inclination <20℃, standard model corresponding level of breaking strength ≥, N/mm elongation ≥, % recommended small transmission drum diameter.

Safety performance: Performance name Alcohol burner combustion propane combustion conductivity cylinder friction standard value Average value of 6 covered samples ≤3S, single value ≤10S (including flame and no flame) ≥250mm ≤3*108Ω ≤325℃ Average value of 18 uncovered samples ≤5S, Single value ≤15S (including flame and flame free) the whole core flame retardant conveyor belt has a wide range of applications.

The above arrangement is the parameters of PVG with core flame retardant tape, hope in the arrangement of PVG with core flame retardant tape parameters can bring help to you, the above content can be viewed if necessary.



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