Polyester (EP) conveyor belt

Polyester conveyor belt, also known as EP conveyor belt, wear-resistant conveyor belt, automatic conveyorbelt and cement conveyor belt, has high modulus, small elongation, good heat stability and impactresistance, It is suitable for conveying materials under long-distance, high load and high-speed conditions.Executive standard: GB t7984-2001
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Product features

1.Polyester conveyor belt has high strength, thin belt body and light weight; The belt is soft, grooved and elastic; lmpactresistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and turbidity resistance.

2.The EP impregnated canvas is used as the skeleton material, which is suitable for large load, fast speed and medium andlong-distance material transportation, with stable operation and no deviation.



Polyester conveyor belt is widely used to transport materials in coal, mining, port, metallurgy, electricpower, chemical industry and other fields.


The layered fabric core conveyor belt is classified according to the specific use environment

Product specification Product specification
ordinary type Can transport powder, granular and block materials. For general material handling.
Oil resistant type It has oil resistance and is used for conveying oily materials.
Acid and alkali resistant type It can transport acidic materials with PH value of 4-10, and can withstand a certain concentration of hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, nitric acid, weak acid and other materials.
Heat resistant type Divided into (T1 type) can withstand temperatures not greater than 100°C. (T2 type) can withstand temperatures not greater than 125°C.
High-temperature resistant type (T3) can withstand the temperature of not more than 150°C, high temperature can withstand the temperature of not more than 180°C, refractory conveyor belt can transport 200°C temperature materials, suitable for metallurgy, coking, inspection and casting industry sintered products, cement clinker and a variety of high temperature materials.
Flame retardant type The surface of the conveyor belt has flame retardant performance, which can extinguish the flame instantaneously, and is suitable for the transportation place that needs flame retardant.
Cold resistant type The surface of the conveyor belt has cold-resistant performance, and can be used under temperature conditions above -40°C, which is suitable for conveying materials in the open air in cold areas.
Wear resistant type The surface of the conveyor belt has anti-impact, anti-material angular wear, suitable for conveying hard materials and angular materials conveying conditions.
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