Skirt Converyor Belt

The conveying angle is 0 °- 90°, with small floor area, low cost and high efficiency.
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The edge blocking conveyor belt is composed of baseband, waveform edge blocking anddiaphragm (as shown in Figure 1). The baseband can be layered fabric core conveyor belt, steelwire rope core conveyor belt or metal mesh core conveyor belt; The retaining edge is s accordingto the shape (as shown in Figure 2); The diaphragm is TC type (as shown in Figure 3)


Recommended minimum roller diameter of conveyor


Sidewall height(mm)

60 80 100 120 200 240 300

Minimum roll diameter (mm)

300 400 500 630 800 1000 1205



Executive standard: Hg/t4062 - 2008


800 1000 EP 3+2 4.5+1.5 L
Longitudinal full-thickness tensile strength Breadth With core material code The number of layers and the number of rigid layers Thickness of upper and lower covering layer,mm Overlay performance level code


Example of sidewall belt marking


800 160 140 TC 140 550 550
Flange type Guard highly Empty edge width Diaphragm type Height of diaphragms Transverse diaphragm length Transverse partition center distance
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