Tear Resistant Steel Wire Rope Cord Conveyor Belt

Maintenance method of steel cord conveyor belt
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The tear resistant steel wire rope onveyor beltis based on the ordinary steel wire rope onveyor belt,which is perpendicular to one or both sides of the longitudi-nal teel wire roe. and the reinforcement layers such as stel wire rope, steel cord, fiber line and fiber fabric are laid horizontay and evenly to enhance tstransverse tear resistance and make it better in impact resistance and tear resistance.




It is suitable for material transportation under tear proof conditions required by coal mines, mines, ports, electric power.metallurgy, building materials and other industries. lt can be used for the transportation of long-distance, long-span, largetransportation volume and high-speed materials.




Tear resistant steel wire rope conveyor belt has the advantages of good grooving, impact resistance, bending resistance.high tensile strength, no pulling off, long service life and so on.

The tear resistant conveyor belt has uniform tension and stable operation, and its manufacturing technology hasreached the national advanced level.


Factors of affecting the life of tear resistant steel cord conveyor belt


1.During use, the temperature and environment will affect the service life of the conveyor belt.

2. The inclination angle depends on the operating speed, overload operation and long working time.

3. lt is not used with good and suitable conveying machinery or the manual operation habit is incorrect

4. The tear resistant steel wire rope conveyor belt cannot be maintained regularly.

5.Use incorrect storage methods


Maintenance method of steel cord conveyor belt


1. During transportation and storage, the conveyor belt shal be kept clean, avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, preventcontact with acid, alkali, oil and other substances, and be one meter away from the heating device.

2. During storage, the temperature in the warehouse should be kept between - 18 'C - 40 C, and the relative temperature should be kept between 50-80%% RH.

3.During storage, the products must be placed in rolls, not folded, and turned once a quarter during storage.

4.Conveyor belts of different types, specifications and layers should not be used together, and their joints should be bonded:The type, structure, specification and number of layers of conveyor belt shall be reasonably selected according to the serviceconditions.

5.Generally, the running speed of the conveyor belt should not be greater than 2.5 m / s. low speed should be adopted as faras possible for materials with large block and high abrasion and the use of fixed plow unloading device.

6. The diameter of the transmission drum of the conveyor and the relationship between the cloth layer of the conveyor beltthe matching of the transmission drum and the redirection drum and the requirements for the groove angle of the idler shallbe reasonably selected according to the design regulations of the conveyor.

7. The feeding direction should follow the running direction of the tape. In order to reduce the impact on the tape when thematerial falls, a chute should be used to reduce the falling distance of the material; The distance between idlers shall beshortened and buffer idlers shall be used in the material receiving section of the belt. In order to prevent material leakage, asot and appropriate baffle plate shal be used on the belt side to avoid the bafle plate being too hard and scratching the beltsurface of the conveyor belt.

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